The Choice is Yours

The Choice is Yours
I am trying to make BIG goals for myself.  And, I am FLAT. OUT. SCARED. 

👉 Afraid I will fail.
👉 Afraid I will look like a fool. 
👉 Afraid I will succeed (and then what do I do?).
👉 Afraid of what others will think of me.
👉 Afraid of putting myself out there. 
👉 Afraid of not being good enough. 

Man, fear can BEAT. US. UP.

If we let it 😒.

I am tempted to make small, easily attainable goals.  I mean, come on... I want to succeed, don't I?  So, why not play it safe?  Why put myself out there and face failure? 

I can use fear as a MOTIVATOR or to CRIPPLE me.  It is MY choice. 

How we respond to our fear is completely, 100% up to us. What a sobering thought.  

I ~ not my spouse, not my boss, not my business partner, not my children, not my parents, not my family, not the naysayers, not my past, not my circumstances, not my finances ~ I (me, myself and I)  hold my future and my dreams in MY hands. I can CHOOSE to chase after them or shy away from them. 

If I succeed, it is on me. 
If I do not succeed, it is on me. 

So, why do some use fear to move forward and some use fear to hold themselves back? 🤔

Have you ever noticed excitement and fear have the same bodily responses? 

😱 Butterflies in the stomach.
😱 Shaking or shivering.
😱 Tingling.
😱 Racing thoughts.  
😱 Heart Pounding.
😱 Heavy breathing. 

Our brain has trouble discerning whether we are feeling excitement or fear. Kind of crazy, am I right?

BUT... we can use this to our advantage and FOOL our brain. 

When faced with a situation, a HUGE goal that seems unattainable, an opportunity, a phone call you need to make, a life changing decision, a chance to run after your dreams and you are feeling all kinds of fear... CHANGE the NARRATIVE in your brain. 

TELL your brain you are EXCITED. And, your brain will actually listen to you 😉.

Is this a "one in done" thing?  Probably not. Your brain will try to interfere and remind you of your fear over and over again. It's sole purpose is to keep you alive so it will stay in self preservation mode.  BUT, you can take control of your thoughts over and over again and put your brain in its place. 

YOU are  in control, not your brain. 

So, who do you want to be? 
Do you want to be EXCITED about the future?
Or, do you want to be AFRAID and never move forward?
The choice is YOURS

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