hey there friend!
I'm Robin. 
Welcome to my little corner on the web! 

I love being a mom.  But, somewhere along the way, I forgot I have dreams too!  
This is a place where I share about all things health and wellness AND encourage you to chase after your dreams!  

I'm glad you are here!

I was a homeschool Mama for 16 years.  Best job in the world!  

Between getting our 2 kiddos to activities and spending every day with them in homeschool, my life revolved around them.  They were my PURPOSE.  

What a HUGE blessing and honor to be able to stay home with them. 

But, with that blessing came a lot of sacrifice.   

Even with a Masters degree, I was unable to bring in a second income.  

We were drowning in debt with no way out and living paycheck to paycheck.  

My hubs works hard for our family and is an amazing provider and yet, 

me staying home crippled us financially.

In May 2014, I made a decision to transform the health of our family. 

In my journey to healthier living, God not only awakened a passion inside me to help others, but showed me how to provide for my family.  

As an EMPTY NESTER, God has given me a NEW PURPOSE and shown me that He can use a stay at home Mama to change the world, 

one drop at a time, creating a ripple affect.  

I have been reminded I have goals and dreams OUTSIDE of my kids and family. 

I earn an income by sharing something I love and helping others.  

I am passionate about empowering others and reminding Mamas to DREAM.   

I surround myself with fearless DREAM Builders who are finding freedom.

God is using me to change lives and walk in MY PURPOSE

now to get plugged in... 

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